B.A. General and Honours

Semester 1
Sr. No.Subject
1.English 1
2.English/M1L Communication (Hindi/Konkani/Marathi) OR Environmental Studies
3.GE1: Computer Application/Indian Culture and Heritage/Entrepreneurship Development/Resource Geography of Goa
4.DSC 1 A
5.DSC 2 A
6.DSC 3 A
Semester II
Sr. No.Subject
1.English 2
2.English/M I L Communication (Hindi/Konkani/Marathi) 0R Environmental Studies
3.GE2: Computer Application/History of Human Civilization/Entrepreneurship Development II / Geography of Resource Utilization in Goa
4.DSC 1 B
5.DSC 2 B
6.DSC 3 B
Semester III
Sr. No.Subject
1.English 3/MIL/Hindi
2.Skill Enhancement Course : Communication Skills : Interview / Travel & Tourism Operations in Geography/ Financial Economics /English for Competitive Exams
3.GE3:GPGE- Generic Elective : Fundamental of Disaster Mitigation /Demography and Population Studies / Goan Heritage /Desktop Publishing
4.DSC 1 C
5.DSC 2 C
6.DSC 3 C
Semester IV
Sr. No.Subject
1.English 4/MIL/Hindi
2.SEC 2 - Skill Enhance Course : Reading Skills / Applied Travel and Tourism Operation in Geography / Financial Economics II / English at the Work PlacE
3.GE 4- Generic Elective: Application of Disaster Risk Reduction andMitigation / Demography of Population Studies II/History of World Religion/Desktop Publishing
4.DSC 1 D
5.DSC 2 D
6.DSC 3 D
Semester V
Sr. No.Subject
1.One paper each in any two core subjects as well as elective subjects in History-Economics OR Geography-Economics OR Geography-Hindi OR Konkani-Hindi OR Konkani History OR Marathi-Geography OR Economics - Marathi OR English - Konkani OR English - History OR English - Geography.
2.All six papers (Honours) in Hindi OR All six papers (Honors) in Marathi
3.One Project paper on the given topic preferably related to any one of the Major/Elective subject offered in (A) above.
(Note: 1) All subjects combinations will be permitted with a minimum of 05 students. 2)Topic for the Project Work, to be completed in Semester VI shall be given in Semester V. The Candidate shall be required to carry out work for the Project during Semesters V & VI . The assessment of the project will be carried out at the end of Semester VI
Semester VI
Sr. No.Subject
1.One paper each in any two core subjects on e elective subject as opted in sem. V.
2.One project paper in time of one elective subject.

B.Com. Honours

Semester I
Sr. No.CategorySubject
1.CC 1General Management
2.CC 2Financial Accounting
3.CC 3Micro Economics
4.CC 4Commercial Arithmetic I
5.AECC 1Spoken English
6.AECC 2Environmental Studies I
7.GE 1a) Computer Application I
b) Economics Geography
c) Marketing Management
d) Cooperative Management 8 Accounting
e) Banking I
Semester II
Sr. No.CategorySubject
1.CC 5Introduction to Marketing
2.CC 6Financial Accounting Financial statement Analysis’s & Interputation
3.CC 7Managerial Economics
4.CC 8Commercial Arithmetic II
5.AECC 3Business Communication
6.AECC 4Environmental Studies II
7.GE 1a) Computer Application II
b) Geography of Commercial actitives
c) Service Marketing
d) Customer Relationship Management
e) Banking II
Semester III
Sr. No.CategorySubject
1.CC 9Business Finance
2.CC 10Fundamentals of Cost Accounting
3.CC 11Entrepreneurship Development
4.SEC 1Business Laws
5.GE 5I) Business Statistics OR - II
II)Financial Services OR
III) Business Environment II O R
IV) Event Management
V) Computer Applicable & Bussiness II
6.GE 6Indian Economy
Semester IV
Sr. No.CategorySubject
1.CC 12Fundamental of Investment
2.CC 13Income Tax
3.CC 14Accounting for Service Organization
4.SEC 1Companies Act & Lir Laws
5.GE 4I) Business Statistics OR - I
II) Indian Capital Markets OR
III) Business Environment I OR
IV) Retail Management
V) Computer Applicable & Bussiness I
6.GE 4Economics of Resources
Semester V
Sr. No.CategorySubject
1.CC 15Industrial Management
2.CC 16Indian Monetary & financial system
3.DSE 1Commerce - Accounting Major I - Income Tax, Service Tax, & Goa Value added Tax Cost Accounting Major I - Cost Accounting I Business Management Major IInternational Marketing Management
4.DSE 2Commerce - Accounting Major II - Auditing or Cost Accounting Major II - Cost Accounting II or Business Management Major II - Retail Management Strategies
5.DSE 3Commerce - Accounting Major III - Government Accounting or Cost Accounting Major III - Techniques of costing or Business Management Major III - Advertising Management.
6.DSE 4Commerce - Accounting Major IV-financial Reporting or Cost Accounting IV - Management Accounting or Business Management IV - Services Marketing II
Semester VI
Sr. No.CategorySubject
1.CC 17Human Resource Management
2.CC 18International Economics
3.DSE 5Commerce - Accounting Major V - Advanced Company Accounts or Cost Accounting Major V - Advanced Cost Accounting I or Business Management Major V - Financial Management II or
4.DSE 6Commerce - Accounting Major VI - Accounting I or Cost Accounting Major VI - Cost Management Audit or Business Management Major VI - Strategic Management.
5.DSE 7Commerce - Accounting Major VII - Accounting II or Cost Accounting Major VIII - Advanced Cost Accounting II or Business Management VIII - Supply Chain & logistics Management.
Note: All Elective and Optional papers will be offered to the students on afirst-come-first serve basis, subject to availability of total number ofseats, so as to ensure that equitable number of students have optedfor the elective subjects. Subject combinations and/or allotment ofnumber of seats per subject are at the discretion of the Admission.Commiee / College Authorities.

M.Com. Commerce

Semester I and II
Sr. No.Course CodeSubject
1.COC111 Security Analysis and Capital Markets
2.COC112Fundamentals of Financial Services
3.COC113Managerial Accounting
4.COC114New Venture Creation
5.COC211International Financial Management
6.COC212Management of Financial Services
7.COC213Portfolio Management
8.COC214Research Methodology
Specialisation Courses [Accounting and Finance]
Semester III and IV
Sr. No.Course CodeSubject
1.COC311Investment and Financing Decisions
2.COC312Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
3.COC313Futures and Forward Derivatives
4.COC314Direct Taxes
5.COC315Corporate Valuation
6.COC316Statistics and Business Econometrics
7.COC411Working Capital and Dividend Decisions
8.COC412Management of Mutual Funds
9.COC413Options and Interest Rate Derivatives
10.COC414GST and Other Indirect Taxes
11.COC415Cost Management & Control
12.COC416Advanced Econometrics
Specialisation Courses [Business Management]
Semester III and IV
Sr. No.Course CodeSubject
1.COC317Retail Marketing
2.COC318Human Resource Development
3.COC319Marketing Management
4.COC320Materials Management
5.COC321Business Enviorment
6.COC322Strategic Management
7.COC417Advertising and Sales Management
8.COC418Tourism and Travel Management
9.COC419Services Marketing
10.COC420International Trade and Environment
11.COC421Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
12.COC422Organizational Behavior
Field Based Optional Courses [Dissertation]

M.A. Marathi

Semester I
Sr. No.Course CodeSubject
1.MRC - 201A Review of Marathi Grammar
2.MRC - 202History of Marathi Literature (1818-1947)
3.MRO - 202Goan Marathi Literature
4.MRO - 203Translation : Theory And Applicable
Semester II
Sr. No.Course CodeSubject
1.MRC - 203Linguistics And Marathi Language
2.MRC - 204History of marathi Literature (1947-2015)
3.MRO - 204Marathi Prose And Poetry: Post 1960 Period
4.MRO - 221Marathi Comedy Literature
Semester III
Sr. No.Course CodeSubject
1.MRC - 205Theory of Literature
2.MRC - 206A Form of Literature (Autobiographies)
3.MRO - 205A study of 17thCentury Goan Christian Marathi Literature
4.MRO - 206Sociological Study of Literature
Semester IV
Sr. No.Course CodeSubject
1.MRC - 207A Study of Two Marathi Text Representing The Medieval Period
2.MRC - 208A Study of Modern Marathi Author
3.MRO - 210A Study of Dalit Literature
4.MRO - 217Historical Literature In Marathi

PhD. Commerce

Ph.D research guides attached to research centre in Commerce, S.S.A. Govt College of Arts and Commerce, Pernem, Goa.

  • Prof. Filipe Rodrigues e Melo
  • S.S.A. Govt College of Arts and Commerce, Pernem, Goa

  • Dr. Roshan Usapkar
  • S.S.A. Govt College of Arts and Commerce, Pernem, Goa

  • Ptof. Anthony Sathish
  • Govt College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem, Goa

  • Prof. Gajanan Madiwal
  • Govt College of Commerce, Borda

  • Dr. Sitaram Sukthankar
  • Govt College of Arts Science and Commerce, Khandola, Marcela, Goa

  • Prof. Santosh Patkar
  • Sridora Caculo College of Commerce and Management studies, Mapusa, Goa

  • Prof. M.R. Patil
  • DM's College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Assagao Bardez, Goa

  • Dr. Achut Pednekar
  • DM's College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Assagao Bardez, Goa

  • Prof. K.G. Sankarnarayanam
  • Narayan Zantye College of Commerce, Bicholim, Goa

  • Prof. Anthony Rodrigues.
  • Fr. Agnel College of Arts and Commerce, Pilar, Goa

  • Prof. Manoj Kamat
  • Damodar College of Commerce and Econ, Margao, Goa

  • Prof. Sanjay Dessai
  • Damodar College of Commerce and Econ, Margao, Goa

  • Prof. Subrahmanya Bhat
  • Damodar College of Commerce and Econ, Margao, Goa

  • Prof. Juao Costa
  • Rosary College of Arts and Commerce, Navelim, Goa

  • Dr. Harip Khanapuri
  • Dempo College of Commerce and Economics, Bambolim, Goa